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Flights and Travel Dates 
             | Thông Tin Di Chuyển

We ourselves are expecting to fly out to Hà Nội in Việt Nam around the 3rd - 5th of December, in order to give us some time to relax and make sure everything is prepared for the wedding. From speaking to you all we understand that many of you would like to spend some time around the wedding exploring Việt Nam and making a holiday out of the trip. 

If that is the case we would recommend flying out earlier rather than later due to (i) flights being cheaper before the Christmas period, and (ii) this giving us the opportunity to help you all to experience and see Việt Nam as best we can! 

For those looking to have a holiday or relax with us in Việt Nam, we would recommend between 10 and 14 days in order to recover from jet lag, have time to see different places and sights, and then get to the wedding with plenty of time to enjoy yourselves. Christmas isn't heavily celebrated in Việt Nam, so flights back to the UK remain cheap up until around the 20th December. However, make sure to give yourself to recover from the jet lag again before Christmas! 

A 2-week itinerary would therefore see you flying from the UK to Việt Nam in the first week of December before flying back a few days after the wedding.

This can be scaled down and/or moved a few days earlier or later depending on your plans.

If you would like to fly out for the wedding only, that is not a problem and we will make sure you have just as good of a time.

From the UK, we would recommend flying into Hà Nội in the North as that is where we will be based for a while before the wedding. This will mean that we can meet up with you all and act as tour guides in the area.

However, you can also fly from the UK to Hồ Chí Minh City (Saigon) in the South if easier. There is very little difference getting to the wedding venue from either the North or the South. 


If you would like to spend some time before the wedding visiting and exploring Việt Nam, it is very easy to do from both Hà Nội and Hồ Chí Minh City. There are several domestic flights every day from both airports which are cheap and easy to book. 

We will likely fly down from Hà Nội to Đà Nẵng around the 12th or 13th of December, ahead of the wedding on the 15th. The venue and area around Đà Nẵng have plenty of things to do so we would recommend spending at least a couple of days around there. 

We will then be returning to Hà Nội around the 17th ahead of a traditional ceremony and large celebratory meal on the 18th December. All guests at the wedding are warmly invited to attend this ceremony and meal in Hà Nội as well if they would like; however, please do not feel obliged to attend if it is difficult to find the time. 

Flights | Chuyến Bay

Direct flights to Hà Nội and Hồ Chí Minh City are only operated by Vietnam Airlines, which offers flights on several days of the week from London Heathrow. This is our preferred method of travelling to Việt Nam and we have always had good experiences with the airline.

However, there are many carriers who fly indirect to both cities, including Qatar (in partnership with British Airways), Thai Airways, Singapore Airlines, Emirates, and others.

There is usually little difference in the price between flying directly with Vietnam Airlines and the indirect carriers.

Vietnam Airlines' flights will only be available to purchase from mid-way through 2024. 

The other carriers started to list available indirect flights in December 2023 if you would prefer to book your flights early. 

Cheap domestic flights for exploring Việt Nam and getting to Đà Nẵng can be sorted very easily and at relatively short notice. We will help people to arrange these as and when they would like to do so. 

There are several domestic carriers including Vietnam Airlines, Bamboo Airways, and Vietjet. 

Vietjet is often the cheapest option to fly internally but we do not recommend using the airline and it has a reputation for being disorganised and we have had some bad experiences ourselves. It is generally not much more expensive to fly with either Vietnam Airlines or Bamboo Airways internally. 

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